Perks of DFL Boarding Care

Ample access to fresh drinking water
NEW! DFL climate controlled dog fun room/garage
Add-on bath and blow dry/dog bathing station
Two large living areas to relax after outdoor play time
Access to various dog toys
Walks in my neighborhood park if applicable (great trails and shade, large pond)
Indoor enrichment activities such as snuffle mat, brain games and puzzles
Treat breaks if applicable
Dog TV for those pups who enjoy watching while they relax
Designated quiet time to relax and/or nap
Separated gated areas throughout my home (closed when needed)
Separate gated area for small dogs to play outside
Large playset under the trees for pups to climb on or go through its tunnels
Pictures/and or videos on Facebook and Instagram with your dogs own hashtag # to create their own DFL album and to
share with family and friends
Communication via text or Time to Pet app
24/7 supervision and care
Couch covers are always on for those pups that love to lounge on a couch
Cots and mats for your pups choosing for a afternoon nap
Toys, blankets etc are washed often
Dogs sleep in a large family room slumber party style, crates are available for those that request them. We also have
separated areas for those pups that do better in their own space but still near all humans and dogs
Daily sanitizing
Dog waste removed immediately
Water bowls are sanitized and labeled for each dog for each visit, you are welcome to bring your dogs bowl, please label
Doggy Day Care play time included
Small Group Socialization
Evening outdoor playtime
Nightly wind down time potty break and quiet time
Crates available upon request
Pups can sleep on nap mats, extra beds, blankets, couch or a cool floor (I have extra nap mats, beds and blankets)
Dogs are fed separately (siblings together)
Cubbies are assigned for each dog
All pups receive lots of love and attention, the best perk of them all!