My own girls and my grand-pup make up the letters DFL. Darby, Freddie and Leia. Welcome to our Fur-Family!

My Story

Welcome! My name is Estella Martinez, I founded Dogs Fur Life, LLC on July 1, 2021 after 17 years in the corporate world. I provide a home environment where dogs are happy, comfy and stress-free.
My husband Art and I are empty nesters, we have 2 amazing adult children, and a son-in-law who are near and dear to us. We have two golden retrievers Darby and Leia and a grand-dog named Freddie. They make the letters DFL (Dogs Fur Life). The way I care for my 3 dog loves is how I care for yours, the ratio is small, the attention and love is huge.

I provide daily opportunities for exercise, play, brain challenges, sniffing exercise, lots of hugs and cuddles, relaxation including DogTV and naps all in a nurturing home environment. Dogs always have a human(s) near them for reassurance and attention.

"My lifetime of loving dogs continues as I responsibly love and care for yours. I do this with gratitude, patience, excitement and joy."


Dogs Fur Life has received glowing reviews from many satisfied paw parents, praising our exceptional care and attention to detail.


Dogs Fur Life is backed by my commitment to ensure
your dog's safety/health and emotional well being.